Professional transporters of bulk commodities

Paul’s Hauling Ltd. is one of Canada’s largest transporters of bulk commodities and goods, operating more than 250 tractors and 600 trailers to meet the needs of our clients. Our drivers and equipment transport petroleum products, propane, butane and other compressed gases, agricultural chemicals, grains and specialized commodities for a wide variety of industries.

Agricultural and related products

Paul’s Hauling has a wide variety of up-to-date equipment to transport commodities used by the agricultural and related industries, including anhydrous ammonia, dry bulk fertilizer and grains. We are one of the largest Canadian carrier operating pressurized equipment for the transport of anhydrous ammonia.

Petroleum and related products

Paul’s Hauling Ltd. earned its professional standing in the industry by transporting petroleum products, and to this day petroleum products remain a large part of our business. We haul automotive and aviation fuels, bunker fuels, and asphalt products from refineries and loading to terminals to service stations, bulk agencies or manufacturing plants. For over two decades Paul’s Hauling has been the sole transporter of aviation fuel for the Winnipeg International Airport.

Special requirements

Paul’s Hauling provides end-to-end transportation and logistics solutions – from warehousing and intermediate storage to inventory management and more. Whether our customers are big or small, local or national, we deliver custom solutions that get the job done. Whatever our customers’ requirements, whatever commodity needs to be transported, Paul’s Hauling Ltd. has the flexibility to meet the challenge successfully.

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