Paul’s Hauling Safety Statement

All areas of the organization operate in a safe manner.

It is the policy of Paul’s Hauling Ltd. to conduct its affairs so as to ensure, to the extent that is reasonably possible, the safety of its employees, clients, contractors, and the public at large.

To that end, Paul’s Hauling Ltd. has made safety a top priority for all employees in every area of the organization. Our management team has the responsibility of ensuring that all areas of the organization operate in a safe manner, and that all of the company’s operations are conducted in accordance with government, industry, and internal safety policies.

To ensure that all operations are conducted safely, and continue to be conducted safely, Paul’s Hauling Ltd. will:

  1. Instruct all employees on safety practices and provide all information required to insure that employees understand what is required of them
  2. Review safety records on a regular basis
  3. Reward employees for adhering to safety procedures
  4. Regularly review safety procedures and policies to ensure compliance and effectiveness
  5. Regularly update safety procedures to ensure they meet government and industry requirements
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