A Company Built by People

Message from Paul Albrechtsen


I have been in the transportation business my whole life, starting at a young age in Denmark with horses. Years later, after immigrating to Canada in 1954, I saved enough money to buy my first truck. From the beginning I felt that with a vision and with hard work I could take advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves.

I also realized that companies that did well had good people running them.

It was with these basic principles – vision, hard work, and good people – that I have grown our business to where it is today. Throughout our company’s history we have been blessed with excellent staff.

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says it well.

If you want to be profitable for one year, grow grain. If you want to be profitable for ten years, grow trees. But if you want to be profitable for a lifetime, grow people.

In addition to our great people, I have also invested extensively in terminals, shops and equipment. I believe that if you want your people to do a good job, you have to give them the right equipment and tools. And our people do an excellent job!

Our company is committed to safety, to preserving the environment, to making a contribution to our community and to the industry as a whole. I hope we have helped in some small way to make our country, Canada, a better place to live.

Paul Albrechtsen

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