Paul’s Hauling Scholarship Fund

Paul’s Hauling Ltd. has recently awarded annual scholarships totalling $68,000 to 19 sons and daughters of their employees.  Allowing us to fund 100% of eligible tuitions.

Michael Simkanin, Wyatt Emes, Derian Emes, Alondra Griffiths, Tayler Nickart, Elizabeth Jopling, Marissa Pastulovic, Keegan Watkins-McIntyre, Denis Makov, Aquim Sibayan, Brooklyn Smart, Amy Brooks, Edrian Chua, Chelsea Guenot, Colby Stamford, Emma Burton, Kyle Albrechtsen and Teanna Bertin-McLeod will share in the money for the current school year.

The Paul Albrechtsen Scholarship Fund, now in its 18th year of operation, was started by Company founder Paul Albrechtsen, with the objective of encouraging the pursuit of post-secondary education among the children of Paul’s Hauling employees. Employees contribute to the Scholarship Fund each month; together with Mr. Albrechtsen’s substantial annual contribution, this has allowed for more than $1,196,000 to be awarded in the form of 405 annual scholarships since the program’s inception.

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